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Trendy and Modern Ceiling Designs

Ceilings are one of the essential parts of home interiors. A beautiful one can turn an ordinary room into something special and unique. It’s so sad that the ceiling does not always get the attention it deserves. Here are some trending ceiling designs for 2021 that surely make you consider the 5th wall in your next renovation plan.

Painted Ceilings:

Experiment with different colours to know what is best for your room. For a neutral-themed room, go for bold and statement ceilings. Dark tops can make a room feel more intimate and closed, whereas lighter tops can give the illusion of an expansive space. It’s essential to find the balance between the ceiling colour and the other colours in the room. Try to match the colour with the shade of the wall.

Laminated Ceilings:

Yes, lamination is not just for floors. This style has been very popular nowadays for its stylish and comforting look. Apart from being cost-effective, lamination can also provide additional soundproofing. It comes in various textures and designs for you to choose from.

Wooden Ceilings:

Apart from painting or laminating natural materials are also used. Wooden ceilings or wood accents can add a cottage-like warmth to an area. Wood looks great, especially for high roofs. Bamboo ceilings are a great alternative to classic timbre. They can beautify the space and are known to be more durable.


Mouldings bring a lot of elegance to ceilings. From floral designs to geometric shapes, the choice is yours to make. Decide on the central pattern and then build the cornice moulding around the central figure. Or go for just cornice mouldings if you want to keep the centre blank.

Mirror Ceilings:

Mirrors can make your ceiling eye-catching and unique. They reflect the light from the room and are a glamourous addition on the top. But take precautions because having mirrors on the top can make it all-the more fragile and dangerous.

Dry Wall Ceilings:

Drywall ceilings have so many unique designs and can make your home all posh and fancy. It’s a solid solution to transform any boring ceiling. Play around with colours and lights to add more depth.

Are you ready to up your ceiling-game with these awesome design ideas? Then contact Basil Homes and watch as we breathe life into your old and dull ceilings.

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