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Project Name : The Ruby Residence

Studio Name : The Design Chapel

Principal Designer : Preshita Shah Gupta

Client’s Name : Mr. Shailendra Prajapati, Mrs Madhuram Harit

Design team : Preshita Shah Gupta, Kajal Kamath and Simran Agarwal

Project Location : Mumbai, India

Carpet Area : 900 sq. ft.

Project Year : 2020

Photography Credits : Biju Gopal, Bizou Photos

Text Credits : Preshita Shah Gupta

They say ‘Home is where the Heart is’, but in current times with the pandemic raging, the Home is where everything is. Today our homes have doubled up as our work spaces, as our gyms, playgrounds for our young ones, as (home) theatres on the weekends and Masterchef kitchens for all those with a flair for cooking. Homes have never been this important especially to people living in Metros with their entire lives revolving around this one space now.

Complete Home Makeover

With Just Interiors, we had nothing to worry about. They made sure to bring in every shed of the newness and elegance we desired.

It was a wonder to see our whole house being transformed so perfectly.

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 Cosy Kitchen

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White Kitchen


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