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Project Name : Jani Residence

Design Firm : Studio Mortise

Principal Architect : Ar.Ankit Kathiriya

Principal Designer : Smit Bhadani

Designer Team : Ar.Akash Kakadia, Yash Khimani, Raj Desai

Project Location : Surat, Gujarat

Project Area: 3200 Sq. Ft.

Photography Credits : Prit Goyani

Content Courtesy : Rhicha Pandey, Suyoj Jain

“A house is a shelter consisting of walls, floors, doors, windows; roof, etc. in which human beings live.” This is something which is a very basic requirement for any human but giving the house a home feel is something which really makes a big difference in basic requirements. Personalizing the space does not only bring comfort but also adds much more happiness to life.

Complete Home Makeover

With Just Interiors, we had nothing to worry about. They made sure to bring in every shed of the newness and elegance we desired.

It was a wonder to see our whole house being transformed so perfectly.

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 Cosy Kitchen

Kitchen Decoration Accessories

Make your kitchen a playful space with these beautiful decorative products that are just too adorable.

White Kitchen


Cooking becomes easier and more sustainable with our kitchen appliances. 

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