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Project Name : The Corner House

Architecture Design Firm : Vcreate Designs

Principal Architect : Ar. Vibha Saraf

Project Type : 2-BHK Apartment,

Project Area : 750 Square Feet

Project Completion : June 2021

Project Location : Mumbai

Text Credit : Lavanya Chopra

Photography Credit : Yadnyesh Joshi

Styling Credit : Shraddha Nayak

The Corner House by Vcreate Designs etches to life a nuclear family’s residence in the heart of Mumbai while welding together neoteric sensibilities, colour, and stated opulence.

Complete Home Makeover

With Just Interiors, we had nothing to worry about. They made sure to bring in every shed of the newness and elegance we desired.

It was a wonder to see our whole house being transformed so perfectly.

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 Cosy Kitchen

Kitchen Decoration Accessories

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White Kitchen


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